Rapid CoV-2 Antigen Tests

Rapid CoV-2 Antigen Tests

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Product Specification

  • Test time: Within 30 mins
  • Specimen
  • Storage temperature : 2-300C/36-860F
  • Fluorescent Immunoassay (Europium)
  • Result Analyzer : 2400, F200, FIOO
  • Pack size : 5 Tests/kit

: Nasopharyngeal swab or NP swabs collected into a viral transport medium

: Higher sensitivity than rapid test (X 4times)


  • Excellent sensitivity and specificity via FIA method
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results within 30 minutes
  • More than 4 times higher sensitivity than RDTs

Please note these test in order to get an accurate test result should be conducted in a clinical environment by a medical professional. PPE Heroes will not be liable in the event of incorrect use of this product.


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