Disinfect Hero 20 Litre

Disinfect Hero 20 Litre

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20L Disinfect Hero Fogging Machine

2  x 5L Hydrus 15 Disinfectant which you dilute to 50%

Tutorial Video to show staff how to operate the machine

Certification (Hard & Electronic copies) to show that your business is using PPE Heroes and Disinfecting for Covid-19

Delivered within a week


Power: 2200 watts
20 litres
Power: 220v 50hz / 60hz
Spraying distance: 18 meters
Atomization: less than 30um 4.2Kg
Size: 52 * 38 * 19cm
Packing: 56 * 25 * 45cm
With Wet and dry separation switch
With Leakage protector


    Orders in the United Kingdom and Ireland will arrive within 2-5 business days of dispatch via courier. 

    International orders may vary on delivery time due to location (Est 5-7 days).

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