Fogging machines provide an excellent, convenient, easy and effective way to sanitise all surfaces in a room without the need for extensive cleaning by hand.

The Disinfect Hero uses a cleaning solution that is tested to the high standards of 14476

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How does the fogger work?

The fogger uses pressure to create a fine fog, which is applied to the targeted area. The fog density is easily moderated via a manual valve, ensuring optimal use. It is possible to fog up to 12 metres (although this can vary depending on the fogger you choose).


This is enough to cover a large room, with the fog being able to reach into hard-to-reach areas and even penetrating porous surfaces.

What is a fogger?

Where can the Disinfect Hero be used?

Where can the Disinfect Hero be used?

  • Indoors and outdoors

  • Food preparation areas

  • Medical environments

  • Food processing plants

  • Agricultural applications including milking parlours (dairy industry), hatcheries (poultry industry) and weaner sheds (pig farming industry)


Hydrus Liquid

PPE Heroes’ sanitising systems all contain a solution known as Hydrus, which is also used by national health institutes in Britain and Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


The Hydrus disinfectant is able to kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses in under 2 minutes. 

Sanitizing Spray Bottles
Sanitizing Surfaces

What is Hydrus?


Hydrus is a sanitising and cleaning concentrate, which is proven to be effective at ambient temperatures. It can also reach high levels of efficacy at low doses.


Hydrus is as electro-chemically activated solution: today, modern ECA processes are rapidly replacing conventional disinfectants due to their high safety levels, stability (meaning they are easily transported) and effectiveness.

Concentrated solutions can be easily diluted on-site to the user’s requirements.


About Hydrus:

  • Colourless, non-foaming, no artificial scent

  • Electrolytic production – no added chemicals

  • Mild alkaline pH

  • Advanced sodium hypochlorite and hydroxide solution of high levels of purity and safety

Applications of Hydrus

  • Agriculture

  • Healthcare

  • Hand sanitisation

  • Food preparation

  • Aquaculture

  • Packaging

  • Supermarket tray washing

  • Plastic recycling


It can be used in any environment and an array of business, from: Schools, transportation, nursing homes, restaurants, gyms, catering, healthcare and so on.


The solution is tested to the EN Standard 14476:2013+A2:2019.


Hydrus is also:

  • Bactericidal

  • Virucidal

  • Fungicidal

  • Poricidal

  • Yeasticidal



For more information on our fogging systems or on Hydrus, call PPE Heroes today.

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Manager - The Typing Touch

PPE Heroes have provided us with an excellent product in helping to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus within our office and some of our clients' premises. The level of customer service has been exceptional and the product itself is very easy to use. We would not hesitate to recommend PPE Heroes and their products.

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Kieran O Sullivan,

Owner - KOS Coaches

We use both the 7L and 20L DIY Disinfect Hero Systems for the smaller and larger coaches along with our local link coaches. Regular sanitation for Covid-19 is vital for us due to the high level of foot traffic that we have using our services and the Disinfect Hero System allows us to sanitise a bus extremely fast, and with only one minute wait time after fogging we can ensure a quick turnaround before we resume service which ensures we can keep to time tables along with keeping our customers safe

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Kevin Cotter,

Owner - Brogue Inn

An amazing system and easy to use. We use the 7L Disinfect Hero System and it ensures

our bar and restaurant are Sanitised for Covid-19 daily which gives our staff and customers peace of mind that we are putting their health first.